Monday, 25 June 2007

Introduction for Electronics


This Blog for for Electronics Hardware and related Software. Nothing special, just for remembering my knowledges.
In Electronics components, similar with Computer, have TWO parts Hardware and Software.
(1) Hardware includes Resister, Transistor, Capacitor, etc...
(2) In Software, there are TWO catagories,
(a) Micro-p (Microchip, Microcontroller programming)
(b) Application Software (Connect with PC computer)

This programs are write by Assembly or C languages. Used low level commands. After finishing, convert them to the form of Machine language and download to Microchip.

Application Software
Write by Visual Basic or Visual C, but you can use any languages which can control computer ports. Mostly used Serial ports (COM1, 2, ..) and parallel ports.
After that it must communicate with Microchip via RS232 controller.

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